Data Recovery

Our professionals are able to restore your data back to it’s original state with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools we can check your hard drive health and tell you if it has any bad sectors.



Flash Back Data

In the event that we can’t get your data back, we can send it to a dust free lab where it can be restored to it’s original state. Data we can retrieve can not be guaranteed but our team will do the best that we can to assure we can get the data that is important to you.



Virus Removal

We are able to remove any viruses or malware that infects your pc. Bring it by today for a quote including any pc or mac product.

Line Drops

We are able to drop lines for your office building or home today. Let us know how many lines you would like to drop and we can customize a quote for you.




We are able to come on site and install any equipment that may be needed. Call one of our technicians today and discuss a quote with us for evaluation.




Other services

We provide a variety of other services to meet our consumer’s needs including but not limited to the following:

Smart Home

We can install smart home services on site same day including google and Alexa, security cameras and more.


Screen Replacement

We offer screen replacement on all makes and models of computer including any type of pc or mac product.



Our team is able to work on servers and server equipment just give us a call for a quote and we can come on site same day to evaluate your needs.